Dandruff Treatment – Meso-Peel scalp treatment

What is Dandruff ?

Those unpleasant white flakes on the collar of your shirt are dandruff. Dandruff is a indication that the skin of the scalp is peeling off. It is very normal for the skin to exfoliate. The issue arises when the amount of dandruff becomes an disfigurement. There are two common reasons for this. Too much production or not worthwhile removal.


Dandruff : Symptoms & Signs

The loss of skin cells from the scalp is very common part of the life cycle of skin cells. However, uncontrolled flaking of the scalp, or dandruff, is a common cosmetic problem experienced by millions of people. Dandruff cannot spread from one person to another and is normally not a serious problem. Some cases of dandruff go with intense itching and patches of flaky skin on the face.

Dandruff is believed to be interconnected to a fungus known as malassezia (formerly termed pityrosporum) that lives on the scalp of most people. In some cases, overgrowth of the fungus results in the flakiness of the skin which turns out to be dandruff. The reasons for the overgrowth of fungus are unclear but may be linked to increased oil production, hormonal changes, stress, neurologic disorders, recovery from chronic conditions such as stroke or heart attack, suppression of the immune system, and infrequent shampooing.

Other causes of flaky scalp

  • Changes in Weather or Humidity
  • Cradle Cap
  • Hair Care Products
  • Infrequent Shampooing
  • Scalp Folliculitis
  • Tinea Capitis

Risk factors of Dandruff

Almost anyone can have dandruff, but certain factors can make you more prone :

  1. Age : Dandruff usually starts in young adulthood and continues through middle age. That dont mean older adults don’t get dandruff. For some people, dandruff can be lifelong.
  2. Being male : Because more men have dandruff, some researchers observed that male hormones might play a role.
  3. Certain illnesses : Diseases that affect the nervous system also seem to increase risk of dandruff. So does having HIV or a weakened immune system also could be the reason of Dandruff.

How do doctors diagnose the cause of dandruff ?

After a thorough scalp examination, the cause of most cases of dandruff is usually apparent. Occasionally, physicians may find it necessary to perform a scalp biopsy where a little amount of scalp skin is removed under LA (local anesthesia) and submitted for examination under a microscope.

Home Remedies for Dandruff : That Don’t Help

  • Moisturizing : Moisturizing lotions don’t do much more than making plaques look redder.
  • Switching brands of shampoo : This is one of the most common misconception of human mind. Switching brands of shampoo dont help in reducing or stopping the flacking of scalp. Shampoo do not cause dandruff.
  • Changing hair-care routines : There is no “right” shampoo or conditioner. The important factor is the frequency with which these agents are used. It is observed, the more frequently one shampoos, the better the result.

What should be done for Dandruff ?

A primary-care physician or dermatologist can recommend prescription or antifungal treatments or the best treatment for dandruff is Meso-Peel scalp treatment. This treatment is first time introduced in India. The patient can visit Trichohom- Hair Regeneration Center in Satellite area of Ahmedabad. you can fix an appointment with the experts to make your hair dandruff free.

High-frequency scalp treatment for hair growth is a kind of treatment that makes use of low-current and high-frequency to enhance hair growth. It also treats hair troubles as it have a germicidal action.

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