High Frequency Treatment for Hair

High-Frequency Treatment in Ahmedabad

What is a High-Frequency treatment for hair?

The high-frequency treatment is an in-depth hair therapy used to treat hair fall, dandruff, hair thinning, and alopecia. In this treatment, ultra-violet and high-frequency rays are used to stimulate the hair follicles. It boosts blood supply to the hair follicles, taking nutrients to the roots, vitalizing hair growth.

The high-frequency hair treatment machine is a transparent rod-like tool with two different detachable knobs that cause electrical stimulation at 250,000 Hz frequency when it comes in contact with the scalp.

A glass bulb is placed on the high-frequency rod while treatment to uncover the scalp to high-frequency rays. This treatment can also be performed on the body and the face to cure pimples and acne scarring.

The high-frequency treatment is comparatively new and lacks scientific backing regarding its advantages. All claims of the machine enhancing hair development are purely anecdotal.

How Does the High-Frequency Treatment Promote Hair Growth?

With the help of electricity, this treatment boosts hair development. Animal studies recommend that electrical stimulation can trigger hair growth. However, further research and human trials are needed to understand the effectiveness of high-frequency scalp treatments.

The high-frequency treatment promotes hair growth in three different ways:

  • It encourages the hair follicles, promoting rapid hair growth.
  • It enhances blood circulation to the scalp, letting nutrient delivery. This nourishes the scalp and promotes hair development.
  • It improves cell turnover rate, reduces dandruff, keeps the scalp healthy, and maintains overall hair development.

The high-frequency hair treatment is done under the direction of an expert trichologist. Here is what you can anticipate during the treatment.

High-Frequency hair treatment procedure and duration

  1. The hair is split into 5 to 6 sections.
  2. The comb is used on the impacted area for 2 to 3 minutes.
  3. This is followed by a hair massage for 20 to 25 mins.
  4. A conditioning mask is applied from the roots to the tips.
  5. The professional then steam the hair for 10 minutes and uncover it to UV (Ultraviolet) bulb rays for another 7 to 8 minutes.
  6. On the next day of the treatment, you have to wash your hair.

This high-frequency hair treatment lasts for nearly 50 minutes. You may need multiple sessions for the desired results.

How frequently should you carry out this treatment?

Typically, the doctor recommends at least 10-12 continuous sessions, 2 or 3 times during the week. Depending on the result, the treatment frequency may come down from 1 or 2 times a week to 1 time every 15 days. You may need to continue the treatment to maintain your hair health.

Along with hair growth, this microcurrent treatment can provide a slew of hair benefits.

What are the benefits of high-frequency hair treatment?

As per anecdotal evidence, high-frequency hair treatments can enhance scalp and hair health in the bellow stated methods:

#1. Saves the hair from dandruff and itchy scalp

The high-frequency microcurrents built by the machine encourage the scalp and activate the sebaceous glands. These glands create sebum, a natural substance that moisturizes the scalp and destroys bacteria. Both actions can remove dandruff and scalp itchiness that results in hair fall.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that the heat caused by the device removes bacteria and other pathogens from the scalp.

#2. Slows down hair thinning

The high-frequency scalp treatment stops dead skin cell gathering and circulates oil all over the scalp. This rejuvenates the hair follicles, making them sound and stronger to hair loss and thinning.

During the treatment, the scalp massages enhance blood flow to the scalp and grow hair thickness.

#3. Promotes Relaxation

The treatment procedure needs frequent head massages and hair steams. This eases the scalp and promotes relaxation. The high-frequency hair treatment is comparatively safe. However, it may create a minor side effect.

What are the High-Frequency hair treatment side effects?

  • The hair can look drier after this treatment.
  • The sebaceous glands may get overstimulated, creating excess sebum production and greasy scalp.
  • The heat from the machine can leave dark signs or scars on the treated parts.

Consult a dermatologist prior to opting for high-frequency hair treatment. Not everyone is eligible to take this treatment.