Mesotherapy Treatment For Hair Loss in Ahmedabad

mesotherapy hair loss treatment

Hair Loss Treatment (Mesotherapy)

Hair thinning is not only happening in men, but it is also affecting both the genders, male and female, because of the fast and hectic lifestyle which in turn impacts physical and emotional well-being.

Your health actually plays a vital role when it comes to hair growth. If your body does not get the proper amounts of proteins and nutrients, your hair would start to become thin, resulting in a medical condition called, alopecia. However, there is a magical solution for a hair treatment that reverses the impacts of balding – The Mesotherapy treatment for hair! It’s a non-invasive and non-surgical hair treatment that promotes hair growth.

Mesotherapy Treatment Procedure

Mesotherapy treatment controls hair falls and balding by promoting hair growth. It ensures that your scalp is getting essential nutrients, proteins, and vitamins, that enable hair growth. With the help of the procedure, there is an improvement in blood circulation, the hair gets rapid development and the damaged hair follicles return to life, resulting in thick and voluminous hair. It also keeps the balance of the hormonal levels to speed up hair growth.

Mesotherapy treatment makes use of injection that carries liquid rich in nutrients. It’s inserted into the mesoderm of the scalp which is a layer of tissues and the skin’s fats. A special mesotherapy gun containing a sterile needle is used for the liquid injection into the scalp. The solution stimulates your skin cells to build collagen and elastin that are hormones responsible for hair development.

Mechanical Action

Collagen and elastin are two primary building blocks of the tissue that assists in the creation of healthy hair and skin. When the needle is injected into your scalp, micro-perforations are built in the impacted areas that result in a healing process producing the two hormones. Since the perforations are so tiny, there is no harm done to the current collagen. The new collagen adds up to the current collagen which in turn stimulates hair growth.

Chemical Action

If your scalp is experiencing poor blood circulation or has a skin-inflammation, it requires a separate solution to combat each of the issues and is injected into the scalp.

The Mesotherapy hair treatment is a totally safe procedure that has no side effects and doesn’t need the use of anesthesia. Forbearing who undergo this treatment feel minimal to no pain. Thus making mesotherapy a supreme solution to solve your hair problems once and for all.

Patients who have skin problems, inflammation, and hemophilia shouldn’t choose the mesotherapy treatment as it can cause a health risk. Also, pregnant women are not advised to opt for this treatment.


The outcome of the treatment may differ from individual to individual. There will be a total of 8 sessions, each session will be taking place every week for half an hour. You may not find prompt results in the 1st few sessions therefore, one should remain patient as results can be noticed after the 5th session. If the patient has a substantial hair fall, it will take a longer time to overcome hair loss.

Once the treatment is successfully completed, you will find that your hair has become thick, voluminous, and sound. The hair fall is also reduced. Moreover, using this treatment dandruff issue is also solved if only you have extreme dandruff in your scalp. If your dermatologist suggests you for mesotherapy treatment, then it’s fine to opt for the treatment otherwise don’t go for it.

Post Care

As soon as the mesotherapy hair treatment is completed, the doctor will recommend you to purchase the right shampoo that nourishes your hair and strengthens it. It’s essential to take care of your hair and ensure it’s clean. Additionally, the patient should include a healthy diet into their intake, cut off beverages and fast-food totally, and strictly follow an exercise regime to make sure health and fitness that is directly related to your hair.

Mesotherapy is in fact a magical therapy that can do astonishment to your hair. The advantages of the therapy surely outweigh the disadvantages of the treatment, making it an impactful procedure to cure hair falls. It has no side effects nor gives any allergic reaction. Why not giving Mesotherapy treatment a shot and say goodbye to your hair problems?