iPRF and PRP treatment comparision

Hair loss has become a common and prevalent problem currently, owing to the sedentary lifestyle and environment we are subject to in our daily lives. Hair loss in men and women can be the result of several causes such as medications, genetics, health conditions or aging, leading to bald spots, receding hairline as well as thinning of hair.

If you are experiencing hair loss, it is best to avail a hair regeneration treatment and save yourself the trauma of total baldness. Hair is associated with our self-esteem and identity. In addition, with the number of options you have for hair regeneration treatments, you can avoid the consumption of medications.

Hair regeneration eliminates baldness and gives you a natural-looking hairline. It indirectly adds to improving your self-esteem and appearance and renders low-maintenance hair care, which is cost-effective.

Trichohom believes in educating everyone about the various types of hair regeneration treatments available and helps you with options regarding which one shall suit you the best in accordance with your condition and budget.

In this blog, we shall discuss the difference between iPRF and PRP treatment and determine which one is better.

What is iPRF treatment?

Injectable Plasma Rich Fibrin (iPRF) is a natural and minimally invasive therapeutic option for individuals suffering from hair loss or thinning of hair. iPRF enhances the growth of hair follicles by stimulating the stem cells as well as other cells in the microenvironment of the hair follicles.

In iPRF, blood is taken from the patients themselves and plasma, stem cells and fibrin are isolated from the same. This blood is then injected into the target area that is subject to treatment. It is owing to these platelet cells that healing and hair re-growth is accelerated. The process is simple and accelerates the degree of tissue regeneration, formation of new hair as well as thickening of hair for men and women.

What is PRP treatment?

Platelet Rich Plasma known as PRP treatment is a 3-step process wherein a person’s blood is drawn out from a body part like the arm, processed, and injected into the hairless or scanty targeted areas of the scalp.

The PRP treatment aims to stimulate the activity of hair follicles and promotes the growth of new hair. Moreover, several scientific research articles prove its efficacy in increasing hair count, the growth phase of the hair cycle as well as hair thickness.

Difference between iPRF and PRP: 

While both iPRF and PRP consist of the process of taking blood from the patient, there are certain similarities between platelet-rich plasma and platelet-rich fibrin; like the fact that both of these treatments require blood to be taken from the patient. However, PRP requires more amount of blood to be taken than iPRF. In addition, both the treatments require the blood sample to be placed in a centrifuge in order to separate it into distinct layers. The platelet-rich plasma is spun at a higher speed, which causes the heavier cells in the blood such that white blood cells and the stem cells accumulate at the bottom end of the test tube and lighter platelets and plasma accumulate at the topmost part of the test tube.

However, research shows that platelet product that has a higher concentration of platelets, as well as the concentration of some amount of white blood cells and stem cells, is more effective than traditional platelet-rich plasma. Hence, it is with this information that platelet-rich fibrin came into existence.

The product of iPRF is spun at a lower speed to ensure that the layers of blood do not get separated as distinctly, which indicates that some of the white blood cells and stem cells are to remain within the platelet later.

As a result of the minor change in the process, iPRF consists of more healing factors than PRP as the lower speed of spinning causes less trauma to the individual cells of blood and allows more stem cells to be a part of the final iPRF product.

Another significant difference between iPRF and PRP is the final concentration of platelets. While PRP ends with 2 to 5 times the level of platelets found in normal blood, iPRF consists of approx. 10 times the platelet concentration of that of normal blood. Moreover, with such treatments, higher concentrations are considered to be more effective.

Moreover, iPRF doesn’t contain additives of any sort while an anticoagulant is used during the processing of blood during PRP treatment. iPRF takes the natural fibrinogen within our blood without the anticoagulant and converts it into fibrin in the early stages of clot formation. This results in the creation of a spongy fibrin matrix which activates the platelets that act as a platform to keep the stem cells and growth factors in the target area they are injected. This keeps them from diffusing, which is a possibility with PRP.

While both the treatments are in their own place, it is important you make the right choice with undergoing one for your hair regeneration requisites. This is when experience and expertise come into the picture, something Trichohom has delivered time and again, to patients undergoing hair loss problems.

Which treatment is better?

While iPRF has shown more potency owing to the presence of fibrin, both iPRF, as well as PRP treatments, prove to be highly effective treatments for hair regeneration. They are minimally invasive procedures that allow you to get back to your routine within a day or two. Moreover, the success rate and cost-efficacy ratio of iPRF and PRP treatments are positive, given you choose the right clinic for these treatments.

In order to decide which treatment suits your scalp and hair regeneration process better, it is imperative to consult an expert trichologist to help determine which treatment to go for.

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