6 Reasons for Sudden Hair Loss; Its Treatments

sudden hair loss problem

Losing 50-100 strands a day while combing is normal. But if you notice hair falling every time you touch your hair, excessive hair falling in the drain after a shower or everywhere in your home, it’s time to press the panic button and deal with hair loss.

When one starts experiencing sudden and massive hair loss the only questions that come to their mind are the “Why’s”. Why am I experiencing a lot of hair loss suddenly? Why is it that my hair is falling out excessively all of a sudden? Why is no internet fad working on my hair loss? This is when Trichohom comes to your rescue! Our experts make sure to answer your queries and relieve you of hair loss problems with efficient and effective treatment.

Trichohom believes in providing authentic treatments and authentic information to its clients as a result of which we are here to tell you all about sudden hair loss, its causes and its treatments.

What is hair loss?

When you lose hair loss as a part of the daily combing or shampooing routine, there is no visible baldness or sudden decrease in the volume of hair. However, when you start to notice excess loss of hair, thin and brittle hair, and changes in hair volume it points towards an abnormal hair fall condition that requires professional help.

In most cases, sudden hair loss is a sign of 2 conditions: telogen effluviumor alopecia areata. While telogen effluvium is caused by stress, which increases the natural rate of hair loss, alopecia areata is an autoimmune condition that causes the body to attack its hair follicles hence resulting in hair loss.

The most common symptoms of hair loss include gradual thinning at the forehead, receding hairline, thinning of hair, and balding spots.

You don’t need to worry, hair loss is not permanent and is treated in the initial stages.

How to diagnose hair loss?

  1. Pull-test: A manual examination where your trichologist pulls out a few of your hair to check how many come out.
  2. Blood test: A blood test can detect and help your trichologist determine any underlying condition associated with your hair loss.
  3. Scalp biopsy: Involves a portion of the scalp skin to be scraped out for examination of hair follicles.

What are the causes of sudden hair loss?

  1. Heredity: Sudden hair loss can be the result of your genetic makeup, a natural condition known as androgenetic alopecia. This condition commonly goes by the name of male or female pattern baldness.
  2. Hormonal changes: Massive hair fall occurs especially in the case of females when undergoing pregnancy, menopause, or due to intake of contraceptives. Hormonal changes affect the growth cycle of hair and result in increased hair fall.
  3. Medications and Radiation: Drugs, antidepressants, medications for high blood pressure, and radiation from chemotherapy can lead to sudden hair loss which can be treated medically.
  4. Stress: Stress causes hair loss to be it work-related stress or personal issues that worry you. Stress deprives hair of essential nutrients and makes them weaker. Studies show that a number of people can develop alopecia due to prolonged periods of stress or emotional trauma.
  5. Hair Styling: We understand no one is a fan of repeating hairstyles. However, in an attempt to look trendy, most of us put our hair through heat styling and other styling techniques that cause damage in the long run. Perming, curling, and straightening can lead to sudden hair loss and hair breakage.
  6. Lifestyle habits: Our lifestyle has a huge impact on our hair. Moreover, lifestyle habits like improper sleep, working outdoors in the sun for prolonged hours, and smoking as well as the dust and fuel particles from the polluted air can affect the scalp and interfere with hair proteins. These disrupt the body mechanisms that are connected to healthy hair and hence cause sudden hair loss.

Treatments for sudden hair loss:

Sudden hair loss might come fast and suddenly, but treating it requires professional help and patience. However, it is not untreatable and with modern techniques available, many treatments and therapies can reverse sudden hair loss into a healthy hair.

Here are a few effective treatments for sudden hair loss:

  1. Hair transplant: Hair transplant involves the removal of hair follicles from a donor site and transplanting the same to the recipient site. The procedure is a minimally invasive procedure known as an FUE transplant. Every single follicular hair is harvested with round microscopic incisions on the scalp.
  2. Scalp reduction: The scalp reduction procedure involves surgical removal of regions of the scalp that are affected by hair loss. It is similar to scalp lifting and is performed on men and women.
  3. Laser therapy:Low-level laser therapy is a non-invasive process that targets the energy of light to restore and regenerate lost hair. People suffering from genetic hair loss or hair loss due to chemotherapy can benefit immensely from this treatment as it stimulates the epidermal stem cells and reaps results.
  4. Platelet-rich plasma: One of the most effective and popular treatments for hair loss, PRP is a non-surgical procedure and is minimally invasive. Your blood is run through a centrifuge in order to separate the platelets. The platelet-rich plasma is injected into your scalp to induce hair growth.
  5. Diet: Sudden hair loss can also be the result of nutritional deficiencies as a result of which one must have a healthy and balanced diet, one that nourishes hair. Excess salt consumption leads to hair fall and early greying of hair while consumption of healthy food like aloe leaf juice will help balance hormones linked to hair growth.

Remember that hair fall has several phases and that the falling of strands in small quantities is normal. This indicates that the hair cycle is in the telogen phase; the shedding phase for a while. Hence, when you undergo a hair loss treatment it is important that you are patient in order to see the results over time.

We hope that the information provided here helps you determine the preventive measures and timely treatments you must undertake to prevent sudden hair loss. It is important to consult an expert trichologist before you get started on your hair regeneration journey.

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